In addition to offering group classes, our space also allows dance teachers to provide private lessons for their clients. The teacher will charge their own fee to the client for the private lesson, but a separate fee (paid either by the teacher or client) must also be paid to the business for using the area.

Private lessons are charged $12 per hour. 45-minute lessons count as one-hour lessons, and 30 minute lessons count as half-hour lessons and cost $6.

If you are a frequent visitor to the studio, you might want to consider buying a VIP card. A single VIP card costs $100 and has 10 boxes, and 1 box is crossed for every hour. As a 45-minute private lesson counts as a single one-hour lesson, 1 box will be used on the VIP card. 30-minute lessons will still only use half a box. A private lesson that is 1.5 hours will therefore use 1.5 boxes.

VIP cards can also be purchased in bulk. 5 VIP cards will cost $450, which averages to $90 per card. You can pay an additional $90 for each card if you wish to buy more than 5 cards. Keep in mind that the VIP cards expire exactly one year after they are purchased (for example, a card purchased on 01/01/2019 will expire on 01/01/2020), so buying in bulk is only a good idea if you plan to come often.

We also have a small karaoke room that customers will request to use for private lessons. The fees will still be the same even if that small karaoke is used.

However, there are customers who will occasionally want to rent the entire small room for themselves for a few hours to take and/or conduct private group lessons. In that case, the fee is $30 for 1 hour.

Please come in and enjoy learning to dance they way you prefer!